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Anselme, R., Pellegrino, F. & Dediu, D., 2023, "What’s in the r? A review of the usage of the r symbol in the Illustrations of the IPA", Journal of the International Phonetic Association, FirstView, pp. 1-30


Aralova, N., Pakendorf, B., 2023, "Non-canonical possessive constructions in Negidal and other Tungusic languages: a new analysis of the so-called “alienable possession” suffix", Linguistics, Ahead of print (Access article)


Levshina,, L., Namboodiripad, S., Tang, M., Kramer, M., Talamo, L., Verkerk, A., Wilmoth, S., Rodriguez, G., Gupton, T. & Kidd, E., Liu, Z., Naccarato, C., Nordlinger, R., Panova, A., Stoynova, N., 2023, "Why we need a gradient approach to word order", Linguistics, aop (doi.org/10.1515/ling-2021-0098)


Ponsonnet, M., 2023, "The affordances of ‘face’ in Dalabon, Gunwinyguan, non-Paman-Nyungan, Australia", in Embodiment in cross-linguistic studies. The 'face'., Pattillo, K. & Wasniewska, M. (eds), Leiden, Boston, Brill, pp. 277-299


Ritz, M.E., Ponsonnet, M., 2023, "Time, Language and Thought: What language can tell us about our concepts of time", in Everywhen. Australia and the language of deep history & McGrath, A., Rademaker, L., Troy, T. (eds), The University of Nebraska Press, pp. 165-192 (link)


Ulrich, N., Pellegrino, F., Tang, M., 2023, "Intra- and inter-speaker variation in eight Russian fricatives", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 153:4, pp. 2285-2297 (doi.org/10.1121/10.0017827)

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