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I'm a researcher in cognitive sciences at the Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage (CNRS). My main research interests are in language development and education. My research objective is to identify the biological mechanisms underlying the early development of speech perception and production in order to facilitate learning at school. To this end, I study the cognitive and neural bases of both language acquisition in children and language use in adults. My research combines multiple methodologies including behavioral studies, neuroimaging (M/EEG, fMRI, sEEG, fNIRS), and computational modeling.

I am a CNRS researcher at the Dynamic Language Laboratory (Université de Lyon), in Lyon, France. \\ My general interests are neuroscience and linguistics, with emphasis on the neural basis of speech perception. I use multiple non-invasive (M/EEG, fMRI) or intracranial (ECoG, sEEG) techniques to record neuronal activity. In order to provide optimal findings, I apply well-founded approaches and methods from signal processing. My aim is to understand the rhythmic fluctuations of neural excitability and the synchronization mechanisms in ensembles of neurons in order to show the kind of temporal filters the brain applies in speech perception. My research combines theoretical and experimental fields, and is practical to both ordinary and pathological perception (signal conveyed by a cochlear implant for everyone with profound deafness, individuals with dyslexia).



2016 - 2018 - Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception, Université Paris-Descartes (Dr. Judit Gervain), Center for Research and Neuroscience, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium (Dr. Willy Serniclaes)


2012 - 2016 - Postdoctoral Researcher, Auditory Language Group, Department of Neurosciences, Geneva University (Pr. Anne-Lise Giraud).


2011 - 2012 - Postdoctoral researcher, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives (Dr. Anne-Lise Giraud).


Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Pôle 3C (Cerveau, Cognition, Comportement), Aix-Marseille University, France, 2010.




Audio-Visual Integration in Speech Perception. Aim: to characterize the acquisition of audio-visual integration skills in infants from 3 to 36 months Hypothesis: a long exposition to audio-visual speech signals enables the integration mechanisms to play a canonical role in the perception of speech


Synergistic Interaction of the sensory and articulatory motor systems. Aim: to determine whether the oscillatory integrative mechanisms involved in speech perception boost the development of the oscillatory mechanisms underlying articulatory movements of the mouth for speech production, and vice versa. Hypothesis: enhancing inter-areal coherence in the theta and gamma bands between the audio-visual integrative cortical area and the articulatory motor system is a biological marker of concomitant improvement in production and perception skills.




Responsable de l'UE Augmented Cognition (Master 2, CogMaster, DEC-ENS, Paris)




Membre du Jury de l'école doctorale NSCo


2019: L3 - orthophonie : L. Chenot, M. Ponzo M1 - orthophonie : E. Anteblian, L. Faure M1 - Science du Langage : M. Jacques



Chapters in books

Bouton, S. & Colé, P., 2014, "Spelling Acquisition in French Children with Cochlear Implants: A Case-Study Investigation", in Writing Development in Children with Hearing Loss, Dyslexia, or Oral Language Problems, Arfé , B., Dockrell, J. & Berninger, V. (eds), Oxford University Press


Bouton, S., Serniclaes, W., Bertoncini, J., Leuwers, C. & Colé, P., 2011, "Apprentissage de la lecture et développement des habiletés associées à la réussite chez les enfants munis d'un implant cochléaire : Apport de la Langue Parlée Complétée", in La Langue Francaise Parlée Complétée : fondements et perspectives, Leybaert, J. (ed), Solal


Leuwers, C., Colé, P. & Bouton, S., 2009, "Compréhension et production de phrases chez de jeunes enfants sourds : des données préliminaires", in Apprentissage de la langue écrite : approche cognitive, Marec-Breton, N. (ed), Presses Universitaires de Rennes


Kolinsky, R., Navas, A., Paula, F., Brito, N., Botecchia, L., Bouton, S. & Serniclaes, W., submitted, "The impact of alphabetic literacy on the perception of speech sounds. ", Cognition, Special Issue in homage to Jacques Mehler., **


de la Cruz Pavía,, I., Gervain,, J. & Bouton, S., in prep, "Audiovisual integration in 18-month-old toddlers: examining the McGurk effect.", Project registered in OSF (https://osf.io/jh7mw/), **


Kolinsky, R., Navas, A., Paula, F., Brito, N., Botecchia, L., Bouton, S. & Serniclaes, W., 2021, "The impact of alphabetic literacy on the perception of speech sounds", Cognition, 213, pp. 104687


Bouton, S., Delgado-Saa, J., Olasagasti, I. & Giraud, A.L., 2020, "Audio-visual combination of syllables involves time- sensitive dynamics following from fusion failure", Scientific Report, https://doi.org/10.1101/771634


Bouton, S., Chambon, V., Golestani, N., Formisano, E. & Giraud, A.L., 2020, "Interpretability of statistical approaches in speech and language neuroscience", PsyArXiv, 10.31234/osf.io/8vwcs

Conferences with proceedings

de la Cruz-Pavía, I., Gervain, J. & Bouton, S., 2020, "Audiovisual integration in 18-month-old toddlers: examining the McGurk effect"International Conference on Infant Studies ICIS, Glasgow, July, 6-9

Invited and keynote conferences

Bouton, S. & Gervain, J., 2017, "Perception active de la parole : les nouveaux-nés sont-ils capables de générer des prédictions?"Société Française d'Audiologie, Paris, 20 Janvier


Bouton, S. & Giraud, A.L., 2016, "How much cortex do we need to decode speech sounds?"OHBM, Geneva, 26-30 June


Bouton, S. & Giraud, A.L., 2016, "Speech perception is informed by focal, not distributed, neural sound encoding"4th Workshop on Intracranial Recording, Geneva, 22 January


Bouton, S. & Giraud, A.L., 2014, "Acoustic- and phonological-specific processing of speech perception"6th workshop on Speech in Noise: intelligibility and quality, Marseille, 9-10 January


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