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Development Neurocognition Disorders

A la une

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Team webmaster : Véronique BOULENGER, Florence CHENU

News from DENDY

  • DENDY welcomes three new members :

    • Lucie Métral: PhD student.
      Topic: Role of baby sign in language development in children (supervisor: S. Kern)
    • Tzuyi Tseng: PhD student.
      Topic: Role of the motor system in the learning of phonemes in a foreign language (supervisors: A.C. Roy & V. Boulenger)
    • Aude Noiray: Post-doc (and resident at Collegium of Lyon).
      Topic: Language acquisition, speech motor control.
      October 2021 - May 2022.

  • Two research projects have received funding from the ANR !

    • ANR JC PER2PROD: Watch me talk, and learn: Characterizing the development of neuronal operations underlying the co-learning of speech perception and production. (2021-2025)
      PI: Sophie Bouton.

    • ANR PRC SCREAM: Human non-verbal vocalizations: the missing link. (2021-2025)
      PI: David Reby (ENES, CRNL/Univ. Saint-Etienne) & Kasia Pisanski.

Events 2021-2022

  • Workshop on Bilingualism and linguistic biography. January 14, 2022, Lyon.
    Co-organized by A. Witko, C. Cohen & A. Ghimenton.

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En savoir plus : webpage


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