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Linguistic Diversity and its Sources


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Caelen-Haumont, G. & Vittrant, A., 2020, "Transcrire, écrire et formaliser en analyse phonétique, mélodique et tonale : l'exemple d'une langue d'Asie du Sud-est tonale (mo piu) et du français", Travaux Linguistiques du CERLICO - Transcrire, écrire, formaliser 2, 31, pp. 31-52


Dediu, D., 2020, "Language and speech in their wider context: Understanding the effects of our evolution, environment, bodies and minds through the lens of quantitative methods", HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches), Sciences du langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Lyon, France, 125 p.


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Lemus Serrano, M., 2020, "Pervasive Nominalization in Yukuna: An Arawak Language of Colombia", PhD thesis, Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2  (pdf)


Moisik, S., Dediu, D., 2020, "The ArtiVarK click study: Documenting click production and substitution strategies by learners in a large phonetic training and vocal tract imaging study", in Click Consonants, Sands, B. (ed), Leiden, The Netherlands, Brill


Mouton, L., 2020, "L’expression des émotions dans les langues hmong : l’exemple des psycho-collocations du hmong blanc et du hmong noir", proc. of Icar COlloque DOCtorants/DOCTeurs 2019, ENS de Lyon, 7-9 octobre 2019 (ed), SHS Web of Conferences/81


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Ponsonnet, M., Hoffmann, D., O'Keeffe, I. (eds), 2020, "Emotion, body and mind across a continent: Figurative representations of emotions in Australian Aboriginal languages", Pragmatics & Cognition, special issue 27(1) (link)


Ponsonnet, M., Laginha, K.J., 2020, "The role of the body in descriptions of emotions. A typology of the Australian continent", Pragmatics & Cognition, 27:1, pp. 20-82 (link)


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Veeman, H., Tang, M., Berdicevskis, A., Basirat, A., 2020, "Cross-lingual embeddings reveal universal and lineage-specific patterns in grammatical gender assignment", proc. of the 24th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL), Online, November 19-20 (eds), pp. 265-275 (doi.org/10.18653/v1/P17)

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