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Linguistic Diversity and its Sources


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Boissin, E., Josserand, M., De Neys, W. & Caparos, S., 2024, "Debiasing thinking among non-WEIRD reasoners", Cognition, 243:105681 (Lien)


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Guillaume, A., 2024, "Associated motion, associated posture and imperfective aspect in Tacana (Amazonian Bolivia) ", Studies in Language, [advanced online]


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Pakendorf, B., 2024, "The Dynamics of Language Endangerment: A Comparative Study", Sibirica, 23:1, pp. 32–65 (Access article)


Rose, F., 2024, "Teko Ideophones: description of a word class", Linguistic Typology at the Crossroads, 4:1, pp. 91–146 (journal issue)


Voisin, S., 2024, "Applicatifs, isomorphisme et réanalyses dans les langues atlantiques", in L’applicatif dans les langues : Regard typologique , Huy-Linh, D. & Do-Hurinville, D., Petit, D. (eds), Paris, Éditions de la Société de Linguistique de Paris, pp. 75-99


Voisin, S., Creissels, D., 2024, "B-applicatives and I applicatives in Atlantic languages (Niger-Congo)", in Applicative Constructions in the World’s Languages, 7, Zúñiga, F., Creissels, D. (eds), Comparative Handbooks of Linguistics, Berlin, New-York, de Gruyter Mouton, pp. 751-783, Comparative Handbooks of Linguistics

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