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Linguistic Diversity and its Sources


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Guillaume, A., To appear, "Takanan languages", in Amazonian Languages. An International Handbook, Epps, P. & Michael, L. (eds), De Gruyter Mouton


Salanova, A., Tallman, A., To appear, "Narrative Time in Imperfectiveless Languages: Case studies in Three Amazonian Languages", in Proceedings of Semantics of Understudied Languages of the Americas 11, Johnson, K. (eds), Semantics of Understudied Languages of the Americas (PDF)


Creissels, D., Bertet, D., in prep., "Predicaciones existenciales", in Morfosintaxis: Una mirada desde las Américas, Vallejos Yopán, R., Rosés Labrada, J. (eds),


Duzerol, M., Forthcoming, "Martinican Creole", in SCrolL - The Database of Subordination in Creole Languages, Manfredi, S., Quint, N. (eds), the SCrolL consortium


Tallman, A., forthcoming, "Analysis and falsifiability in practice", Theoretical Linguistics, TBA


Duzerol, M., à paraître, "Constituency in Martinican (creole, Martinique)", in Constituency and convergence in the Americas, Tallman, A., Auderset, S., Uchihara, H. (eds), Language Science Press


Rose, F., à paraître, "Reflexive constructions and middle marking in Mojeño Trinitario", in Reflexive constructions in the world’s languages, Janic, K., Puddu, N., Haspelmath, M. (eds), Language Science Press  (preprint)

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