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Linguistic Diversity and its Sources


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Taremaa, P. & Kopecka, A., 2022 (online first), "Manner of motion in Estonian: A descriptive account of speed", Studies in Language, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1075/sl.21038.tar


Taremaa, P., Kopecka, A., 2022 (online first), "Speed and space: semantic asymmetries in motion descriptions in Estonian", Cognitive Linguistics, https://doi.org/10.1515/cog-2021-0132


Aralova, N., Pakendorf, B., 2022, "The causal-noncausal alternation in the Northern Tungusic languages of Russia", in Tungusic languages: Past and present, Hölzl, A. & Payne, T. (eds), Language Science Press, pp. 21-62 (Acces the volume)


Bertet, D., 2022, "Nominal Agreement Class assignment in Tikuna (isolate, western Amazonia): a dynamic process conditioned by both lexicon and context", Faits de Langues, 52, pp. 133-155 (pdf)


Candier, A., de Mersan, A., Vittrant, A., 2022, "Designer l’humain en birman : l’émergence des catégories de ressortissant national et d’étranger au contact de l’occident. Une approche diachronique et culturelle", in Nommer l’humain, Aleksandrova, A., Meyer, J.P. (eds), L'Harmattan


Guillaume, A., 2022, "Negation in Tacana (Amazonian Bolivia): Synchronic description and diachronic reconstruction", in The Negative Existential Cycle, 2, Veselinova, L., Hamari, A. (eds), Research on Comparative Grammar, Berlin, Language Science Press, pp. 519–552 (Editeur)


Lamarre, C., Vittrant, A., Kopecka, A., Voisin, S., Bon, N., Fagard, B., Grinevald, C., Moyse-Faurie, C., Risler, A., Song, J.K., Tan, A., Voirin, C., 2022, "Deictic directionals revisited in the light of advances in typology", in Neglected Aspects of Motion Events Description: Deixis, asymmetries, constructions, Sarda, L., Fagard, B. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 69-94.


Pakendorf, B., 2022, "Copying form without content. Relexification in ordinary contact-induced change ", Diachronica, Advance Online (Access article)


Ponsonnet, M., 2022, "Emotional language: A brief history of recent research", in Approaches to Language and Culture, Völkel, S., Nassenstein, N. (eds), De Gruyter, pp. 307-335 (link)


Ponsonnet, M., 2022, "The Linguistic Embodiment of Emotions. A Study of the Australian Continent", Ethos, 50:2, pp. 153-183 (link)


Rose, F., Van linden, A., 2022, "The derivational use of classifiers in Western Amazonia", in Binominal lexemes in cross-linguistic perspective: Towards a typology of complex lexemes,, 62, Pepper, S., Masini, F., Mattiola, S. (eds), Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, De Gruyter, pp. 237-276  (preprint)

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