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Linguistic Diversity and its Sources

Themes and actions

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Structural aspects of Siberian languages (with a focus on Northern Tungusic)

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Scientific framework and objectives

Many languages of Siberia share certain structural features, such as a tendency towards SOV word order, agglutinative morphology, large case systems, and different types of vowel harmony. However, fine-scaled areal typologies reveal considerable amounts of variation that underlie the typological similarities (cf. Pakendorf 2012, Matić & Pakendorf 2013).

While more or less detailed descriptions exist for most of the languages of Siberia, fieldwork-based projects focusing on the diversification of Even dialects and the documentation of Negidal are bringing to light interesting features of these languages that can add to our knowledge of the range of diversity of human languages. For instance, typologically very rare features are the applicative-like use of the Associated Motion suffix in Tungusic languages (cf. Pakendorf & Stoynova 2021) and the marking of (in)definiteness via evaluative suffixes (diminutives and augmentatives) in Even (cf. Pakendorf & Krivoshapkina 2014).

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