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An ethnographically based documentation of Araona: a Takanan language of Bolivia

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Cadre de l'étude et objectifs

This postdoctoral research project is funded by an ELDP-SOAS grant. It is concerned with the documentation and description of Araona, a Takanan language of the Bolivian Amazon. It seeks to document the Araona language in its cultural context. The documentation includes elicitation and naturalistic speech. Elicitation contains translation tasks, stimuli-based elicitation (e.g. MPI video clips) and story boards. Naturalistic speech includes conversations, narratives and recordings of speech in its cultural contex (e.g. hunting, fishing, cooking, singing, traveling, voting…). Descriptive topics treated by the documentation project thus far have included (morpho)phonology, the semantics and morphosyntax of associated motion and posture, and constituency and its relationship to wordhood.

  • Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPF)
    An ethnographically based linguistic documentation of Araona: a Takanan language of Bolivia
    ELDP - Arcadia - SOAS, London University

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