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Structure and Dynamics of phonetic-phonological systems

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Scientific framework and objectives

This action investigates the structure and dynamics of phonetic phonological systems (hereunder P² systems) within the framework of the Complex Adaptive System paradigm.
It takes advantage from modelling of linguistic data (both synchronic and diachronic) and psycholinguistics (perceptual studies; ontogeny of phonological processing, etc.). These approaches are developed with respect to the dynamics of P² systems in a broad sense (dynamics of speech production, language acquisition, language change, etc.).


First of all, this project aims at determining whether the Complex Adaptive System paradigm is relevant for explaining the organization of P² systems or not by studying the relations existing between several levels of description of the systems. In the longer run, goals are to:

  • understand the way P² systems are structured
    • what type of constituents (features, articulatory gestures, phonemes, etc.)
    • what kind of constrains (local, global, etc.)
    • can we predict part of the properties of the P² systems ?
  • understand the processing of the P² complexity and its dynamics from the ontogenetic point of view
  • understand how P² systems evolve.

  Financial support
  • ACI Systèmes complexes en SHS


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