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Posters IASCL 2017

General instructions for posters at IASCL2017

Poster orientation and size:
Posters will be displayed on big two-sided boards. The poster orientation should be portrait, and each poster should not oversize 100 cm width (i.e. 39 inches) and 160 cm height (i.e. 62 inches). Keep in mind that the font sizes should be big enough to allow your poster to be read from some distance. We suggest using a font size of 24 pt. for texts and 96 pt. for headings.


Award ceremony: Friday, July 21st - GRAND AMPHI

The conference will offer the Best Student Poster Award to the three best student posters (First, Second and Third). Please read the guidelines below carefully;

  • The student should be the first author of the poster and be able to be present at the relevant poster session
  • The local committee will draw up a short list of 10 posters and 3 international experts will visit these 10 at the conference and make a selection on the basis of the poster and the answering of questions.
  • The posters will be evaluated in terms of: design and layout, coherence, argumentation + methodology, awareness of previous work, attractiveness, message and main points, balance of text and visuals, and overall impression.
  • The winners will be formally announced during the Best Student Poster Award ceremony, to be held on Friday 21th at 10:00.

Three prizes are awarded for the best student posters:

  • Winner: EUR 400 in Springer books + Award Certificate and refund of the registration fee excl. the IASCL membership
  • First runner up EUR 200 in Springer books + Award Certificate
  • Second Runner up EUR 100 in Springer books + Award Certificate