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4th International Conference of the French Cognitive Linguistics Association (AFLiCo)

'Cognitive linguistics and typology: Language diversity, variation and change'

24th-27th May 2011

Lyon, France

Program available HERE

This conference aims to bring together linguists engaged in cognitively-oriented research with those working in a functional-typological framework on cross-linguistic variation and on language description. The emphasis will be on (1) language diversity of both spoken and signed languages; (2) inter- and intra-linguistic variation; (3) language change. The conference will bring together linguists working with various methodological approaches and using various kinds of spontaneous and elicited data, including spoken and written corpora, fieldwork data, and experimental data.

Invited Speakers

  • Ruth BERMAN (University of Tel Aviv, Israël)
  • Nick EVANS (ANU College of Asia-Pacific, Australia)
  • Harriet JISA (University of Lyon 2, France)
  • Maarten LEMMENS (University of Lille 3, France)
  • Laura MICHAELIS (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
  • Ulrike ZESHAN (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

A workshop of the “PATH” Project of the Fédération de typologie (CNRS/TUL, Paris) will be held the day before AFLiCo conference.


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