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Imbert, C., 2015, "Anglais vs. Français : L'envahisseur est-il celui qu'on croit ?", Nuit Européenne des Chercheurs, Vaulx-en-Velin, 25 September 2015


Imbert, C., Ducloux, A., 2014, "Et Darwin demanda : C'est quoi une langue ?", Nuit Européenne des Chercheurs, Vaulx-en-Velin, 26 September 2014


Imbert, C., 2013, "Morpheme order constraints upside down: Vertical Orientation vs. Directionality", 39th Conference of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley, 16-17 février 2013


Imbert, C., 2011, "Elements for a multi-layer definition of 'Satellites'", AFLico IV, Trajectory Workshop, Lyon, 23 mai 2011


Imbert, C., 2010b, "Competing motivations in Path-coding systems: A case study from an ancient language", Conference on Competing Motivations, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, 23-25 November 2010


Imbert, C., 2010a, "About satellites, applicatives and adpositions in Path coding: a gradience-of-categories perspective", Syntax of the World's Languages IV (SWL4), Lyon, 23-26 September 2010


Imbert, C., 2009b, "What adpositions do that satellites cannot. Semantic and conceptual constraints on Path-coding categories", Space in Language Conference, Pisa, 8-10 October 2009


Imbert, C., 2009a, "Affix-order constraints in Path coding: About satellites, adpositions and the gradience of categories", Association for Linguistic Typology – 8th Biennial Meeting (ALT 8), Berkeley, 23-26 juillet 2009


Imbert, C., 2008c, "Systems dynamics and functional motivations in Path coding. Typological description of Homeric Greek and Old English. Presentation and discussion of my PhD research results.", Linguistics Colloquium, University of Oregon, Eugene, 7 October 2008


Imbert, C., 2008b, "Multiple preverbation in Homeric Greek: Affix-order constraints in Path coding",