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Taremaa, P. & Kopecka, A., 2022, "The expression of speed-related information: a corpus study of Estonian motion verbs", 9th International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association (DGKL/GCLA-9), The University of Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany, 1-4 March 2022.


Thai Van, H., Loundon, N., Canault, M., 2013, "Validation of the Language ENvironment Analysis system in French: data quality and associated factors", LENA International Conference, Denver, 28-30 avril


Thibault, S. & Py, R., Gervasi, M., Lövden, M., Boulenger, V., Roy, A., Brozzoli, C., 2021, "Train one, gain two: Tool use and syntactic skills improve each other via shared neural patterns in the basal ganglia", Neural Control of Movement, online, April 20nd-22th


Thibault, S., Boulenger, V., Roy, A., Brozzoli, C., 2019, "Neural resources shared by language and tool-use: a basis for tool-use benefits over syntactic abilities", Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, USA, 19-23 octobre


Thibault, S., Boulenger, V., Roy, A., Brozzoli, C., 2019, "Tool-use triggers improvements in syntactic abilities", Cogntive Neuroscience Society meeting, San Francisco, 23-26 march (poster)


Thordardottir, E., Chiat, S., Ferré, S., dos Santos, C., Grimm, A., 2013, "Nonword repetition tests for assessing bilingual children", EUCLDIS 2013, NIAS, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas, 29 juin 2013


Tillmann, B., Bedoin, N., Przybylski, L., Roch, D., Brisseau, L., Molinier, P., Leculier, L., Krifi-Papoz, S., Kotz, S., Herbillon, V., 2014, "Rhythmic auditory stimulation influences linguistic processing in children with developmental language disorders", The Neuroscience and Music V - Cognitive Stimulation and Rehabilitation, Dijon, France, May 29 - July 1, 2014 (poster)


Turkay, F., Kern, S., Rossi, C., 2008, "Pragmatic and contextual differences in French and Turkish Caregivers’ input", XI International Congress For The Study Of Child Language , Edinburgh, 28 juillet au 1er Août (poster)


Turkay, F., Kern, S., 2007, "Türk ve Fransiz anneler tarafindan çocuga yönlendirilmis konusmadaki farkliliklar: ad/eylem kullanimina karsilastirmali bir bakis açisi", XXI. ulusal dilbilim kurultayi, Mersin, Turquie, 10-11 Mai (poster)


Türkay, F., Sofu, H., Kern, S., 2011, "Morphological salience in Turkish child-directed speech", IASCL2011, Montréal, Canada, 19-24 juillet (poster)

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