Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2022

Rigele NA

  • Doctorante

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  • Axes :
  • Diversité Linguistique et ses Sources


  • I am working on the description of Solon Evenki Syntax with typological and areal perspectives. Solon Evenki is a Northern Tungusic language, which is mainly spoken in Ewenke Banner, Inner Mongolia, China, with around 17500 speakers.


  • 2021-currently:
      PhD student: University Lumiere Lyon2 & CNRS (Lyon, France); The syntax of Solon Evenki (Northern Tungusic) in an areal and typological perspective, directed by Brigitte Pakendorf (CNRS).
    • 2020-2021:
        Lab assistant: Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing,China).
      • 2017-2022:
          Master student: Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing, China); Multi-verb Construction in Mongolian, directed by Sodbaater (CASS).
        • 2017-2022:
            Undergraduate: Minzu University (Beijing, China); Causative Construction in Mongolian.


          • Linguistic Typology
          • Language Contact
          • Tungusic language; Mongolic language


          • 2022-currently:
              Labex ASLAN, Université de Lyon
                funded member: SynSolon (The syntax of Solon Evenki ( Northern Tungusic) in typological perspective)
              • 2019-currently:
                  National Social Science Fund Project of China
                    As a member: Innovation of Linguistic Theory Based on Chinese Mongolian
                  • 07/2017-12/2018
                      Yu Bao Gong Cheng (语宝工程; Chinese Language Resources Protection Project)
                        As a member: Recording of Minority Languages: Arkhorqin Dialect of Mongolian