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Martine BRUIL




  Formation et parcours professionnel
  Thèmes de recherche
  Principales publications et conférences



2013-2014, Lecturer, General and Comparative Linguistics Department, Universität Regensburg.


2014-2015, PostDoc, UC Berkeley. Advisor: Prof. Lev Michael. Documentation of Ecuadorian Siona.


2013, Lecturer of the structure course of Ayacucho Quechua, LUCL, Leiden University, Netherlands.


2008-2014: PhD in Linguistics, Leiden University. Dissertation: Clause-typing and Evidentiality in Ecuadorian Siona. Advisors: Pr.Dr. Willem Adelaar Pr.Dr. Johan Rooryck Defense date: February 20, 2014


2006-2008, MA Indian American Studies, Cum Laude, Department of Indian American Studies, Leiden University.




Linguistic typology & functional linguistics: (Epistemic markers, Egophoricity, Verbal morphology, Evidentiality, Subordination, Nominal classification)


South American Indigenous Languages: Barbaboan languages Quechuan languages Tukanoan languages


Language documentation, description and revitalization




2013, Lecturer: 1 class in the LOT Winter School on the Historical development of verbal morphology in Tukanoan languages, part of ‘Research methods in comparative linguistics.’ (Course Lecturer: Willem Adelaar).


2008-2013, Trainer: Dutch language trainings to non-native speakers, freelance, Marcus Evans Linguarama BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


2009, Teacher: Presenting in Dutch for non-native speakers of Dutch, Second year BA course of Dutch Studies, Leiden University.


2010, Lecturer: Language Contact, Research MA in Linguistics, Leiden University.


2010, Lecturer: 2 classes on Linguistic attitudes & Supervision of a weekend fieldtrip to a Kichwa community, part of undergraduate course on Sociolinguistics, Linguistics, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito. (Course lecturer: Esmeralda de la Vega).


2011, Lecturer: 1 class on Evidentiality in Tukanoan Languages, part of an undergraduate course on the languages of the world, linguistics, Leiden University. (Course lecturer: Maarten Mous).


2003-2007, Trainer: the training of (new) telephone operators in the software and conversation skills, freelance, at Antwoordservice Nederland BV, The Hague, The Netherlands.


2012, Lecturer: 4 classes on Kichwa Grammar co-taught with Martin Kohlberger, part of the Core Course Samples of Linguistic Structure, Linguistics, Leiden University.


2013-2014 Field Methods, Universität Regensburg, Germany (BA course, 15 weeks, two times two hours per week, taught in German).


2013, Lecturer: Ayacucho Quechua, BA Linguistics, Leiden University. (Taught in Dutch).


2013, Morfology & Syntax, Universität Regensburg, Germany (BA course, 12 weeks, two times two hours per week, taught in German).


2013, Structure course on Ayacucho Quechua I, Universität Regensburg, Germany (BA course, 12 weeks, two hours per week, taught in German).


2013, Academic writing, (BA course, 12 weeks, two hours per week, taught in German).


2013-2014, Grammaticalization, Universität Regensburg, Germany (MA course, 15 weeks, two hours per week, taught in English).


2013-2014, Structure course on Ayacucho Quechua II, Universität Regensburg, Germany (BA course, 15 weeks, two hours per week, taught in German).


2012, Lecturer: 1 class on Andean Spanish, part of an undergraduate course on Sociolinguistics, Latin American Studies, Leiden University. (Course Lecturer: Paz González).




Bruil, M., 2016, "Differential argument marking in Ecuadorian Siona", LDLT5, SOAS, London, UK, December 3


Bruil, M., González, P. & Leeuwen, J., 2016, "The Ecuadorian Spanish benefactive and the inherent aspect of the verb", TAM-E 2016, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France, November 18


Bruil, M., 2016, "Perspective-indexing clause types in Ecuadorian Siona. ", 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Napels, Italy, September 1


Bruil, M., 2016, "Differential case marking and information structure in Ecuadorian Siona", Amazónicas VI, Simposio de familias lingüísticas: Tukano y Makú (Nadahup/Kakua-Nukak/Puinave), Leticia/Tabatinga, Colombia, May 28


Bruil, M., 2016, "Stance-taking devices in Ecuadorian Siona ", Séminaire ENS: Cognition verbs, modality, evidentiality and constructions, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, April 15

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