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mar. 27/09/2022 Phylogenetic comparative methods for common typological challenges: With a case study of Pama-Nyungan laminals
MSH-LSE, salle Elise Rivet
Conférence de :
  • Jayden Macklin-Cordes (DDL DiLiS)

dans le cadre des séminaires DDL

Lien Zoom:
Meeting ID: 959 6143 5504
Passcode: k2hCiP

Phylogenetic comparative methods are shrouded in a little mystery for many linguists. Yet the path that led to their development in biology is so closely paralleled by the methodological history of balanced sampling, that these methods could just as easily have been discovered first by a linguistic typologist. In this talk, I attempt firstly to dispel some of the mystery around phylogenetic comparative methods and highlight their fundamental relationship to matters of enduring concern in linguistic typology. Secondly, I aim to illustrate how linguists can perform essential tasks using phylogenetic methods, easily.

I begin with a methodological overview of linguistic typology and comparative biology, highlighting the historical commonalities between the two fields, and the breakthrough insight that makes phylogenetic comparative methods distinct. This is followed by an overview of some fundamental phylogenetic concepts and tools. Finally, I illustrate these with a typological case study of the laminal contrast in the Pama-Nyungan family (Australia). This talk is accompanied by online interactive materials, demonstrating how phylogenetic comparative methods can be incorporated into everyday typological workflows.


jeu. 29/09/2022 [Ateliers doctorants] Open Science with Julia Stern
E. Léger et en ligne

The first PhD workshop of the new academic year will be given by Julia Stern from the University of Bremen. She will talk about the Open Science framework, with a special focus on preregistration and preregistered reports as well as publishing with open access. The workshop will be hybrid; Julia will be joining online, and DDL members have the possibility of joining in the conference room E. Léger.

Meeting ID: 890 8501 4204
Passcode: 346980

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