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Acquisition and cognition 2007

Themes and actions

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Constraints in prosodic and morphological development

  Contact person
Harriet JISA , Geraldine HILAIRE-DEBOVE

Scientific framework and objectives

This operation studies the phonological and morphological development of French and American children. The data consist of bi-monthly audio-video recordings of 6 English- speaking children (Brown, Providence, USA) and 8 French-speaking (Lyon, France), recorded during interaction with their mothers. The study begins when the children are 12 months and will continue until they reach 36 months. The spontaneous data is completed with cross sectional experiments concering specific areas of phonological development.


Describe phonological development, in particular coda consonants and consonant clusters • Study the influence of prosodic structure of each language on the omissions of segments or syllables (iambic vs trochaïc ; word length ; position of segment) • Examine the impact of prosodic patterns on the emergence of grammatical morphology • Study the influence of maternal input on the emergence of sounds and syllable structures • Investigate individual differences

  Financial support
  • National Institute of Mental Health Grant

    Université de Brown, Providence

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