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Yoon Mi OH



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Since March 2019, I've been working as an assistant professor at the Department of French Language and Literature at Ajou University.



2017 - 2019 : Postdoctoral fellow, New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour (NZILBB), University of Canterbury
Project title : Statistical learning with and without a lexicon
PI : Jen Hay (NZILBB)


2012 - 2015 : PhD in Language Science, DDL Laboratory, Lyon 2
Thesis title : Complexité et Information Linguistiques : Approches Quantitatives
Director : François Pellegrino (DDL)


2009 - 2011 : International Master (Erasmus Mundus) in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona & University of Franche-Comté


2004 - 2008 : BA in French Language and Literature, Yonsei University




Language universals and linguistic typology


Linguistic complexity and information rate


Oral and written multilingual corpus processing


Quantitative linguistics




Visiting researcher at the Department of Computational Linguistics and Phonetics, Saarland University, Germany, January 12 - April 12, 2015


Peer reviewer for journals and conference papers: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, English World-Wide, Laboratory Phonology, Glossa, and Interspeech




2015 : Visiting Fellowship in Language Science (SFB 1102) for the research project - "Information Density and the Predictability of Phonetic Structure", Saarland University


2012 - 2015 : PhD contract (Labex ASLAN)


2009 - 2011 : Erasmus Mundus Scholarship funded by the European Union


2008 : Summa Cum Laude, BA in French Language and Literature, Yonsei University




2017 - 2019 : PhD thesis of Moonsun Choi (University of Canterbury, co-supervision)




Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS 2013) - "Collective Behaviour and Mobility in Complex Systems", Le Havre, France, July 9-18, 2013.


International Summer School in Language and Speech Technologies (SSLST 2012), Tarragona, Spain, July 30 – August 3, 2012



PhDs and master thesis

Oh, Y., 2015, "Linguistic Complexity and Information: Quantitative Approaches", Thèse de Doctorat, Sciences du Langage, Université Lyon 2, Lyon  (thesis)


Oh, Y., 2011, "Traitement des collocations verbales dans un système de Q/R : les verbes supports et les verbes à particule", Mémoire de Master, Departament de Filologia Francesa i Romànica/UFR Sciences du Langage, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/Université de Franche-Comté


Oh, Y., Todd, S., Beckner, C., Hay, J., King, J. & Needle, J., 2020, "Non-Māori-speaking New Zealanders have a Māori proto-lexicon", Scientific Reports, 10:22318 (article)


Malisz, Z., Brandt, E., Möbius, B., Oh, Y. & Andreeva, B., 2018, "Dimensions of Segmental Variability: Interaction of Prosody and Surprisal in Six Languages", Frontiers in Communication, 3:25


Oh, Y., Coupé, C., Marsico, E. & Pellegrino, F., 2015, "Bridging Phonological System and Lexicon: Insights from a Corpus Study of Functional Load", Journal of Phonetics, 53, pp. 153-176  (final draft)


Oh, Y., 2011, "Treatment of Verbal Collocations in a Q/A System: Light Verbs and Phrasal Verbs", Bulag (Bulletin de Linguistique Appliquée et Générale), 36, pp. 175-195.

Conferences with proceedings

Oh, Y., Beckner, C., Hay, J. & King, J., 2018, "Phonotactic Sensitivity in Speakers with a Very Small Lexicon"16th Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon16), Lisbon, Portugal, June 19-23


Oh, Y., Beckner, C., Hay, J., King, J. & Racz, P., 2018, "Word-order Maintains OCP-Place Effects across Word Boundaries in Māori"The International Congress of Linguists (ICL20), Cape Town, South Africa, July 2-6


Schulz, E., Oh, Y., Malisz, Z., Andreeva, B. & Möbius, B., 2016, "Impact of Prosodic Structure and Information Density on Vowel Space Size", proc. of Speech Prosody 2016, Boston, MA, USA, May 31-June 3  (paper)


Coupé, C., Oh, Y., Pellegrino, F. & Marsico, E., 2014, "Cross-linguistic Investigations of Oral and Silent Reading", proc. of Interspeech 2014, Singapore, September 14-18, pp. 514-518 (poster)  (paper, poster)


Oh, Y., Coupé, C. & Pellegrino, F., 2013, "Effect of Bilingualism on Speech Rate: the Case of Catalan and Basque Bilinguals in Spain", proc. of The International Congress of Linguists, Geneva, July 21-27 (poster)  (poster)


Oh, Y., Pellegrino, F., Coupé, C. & Marsico, E., 2013, "Cross-language Comparison of Functional Load for Vowels, Consonants, and Tones", proc. of Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France, August 25-29  (paper)


Oh, Y., Pellegrino, F., Marsico, E. & Coupé, C., 2013, "A Quantitative and Typological Approach to Correlating Linguistic Complexity", proc. of the 5th Conference on Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics, Leuven, Belgium, September 12-14 (abstract)  (paper, slides)


Oh, Y., 2012, "Linguistic Complexity and Information Rate: Quantitative Approaches", proc. of Colloque des doctorants et des jeunes chercheurs (COLDOC) 2012, Traitement de corpus: outils et méthodes, Paris, October 4-5 (poster)  (pdf)


Oh, Y. & Pellegrino, F., 2012, "Quantitative Approaches to Phonological Complexity: the Case of East Asian Languages", proc. of The International Conference of Korean Association for Corpus Linguistics, Busan, South Korea, December 10-11  (slides)

Conference presentations

Coupé, C., Pellegrino, F., Oh, Y. & Dediu, D., 2020, "Evolutionary Perspectives on Speech and Information Rates [poster]", EVOLANG XIII, Brussels, Belgium, 14-17 April 2020


Oh, Y., 2019, "Phonological and Morphological Complexity from a Quantitative and Typological Perspective", Interactive Workshop on Measuring Language Complexity (IWMLC 2019), Freiburg, Germany, September 12-13


Oh, Y., Beckner, C., Hay, J. & King, J., 2018, "Non-Māori Speaking New Zealanders Show Surprisingly Sophisticated Māori Phonotactic Knowledge", 16th Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon16) satellite workshop, , Lisbon, Portugal, June 19-23 (poster)

Magazines paper

Oh, Y., Pellegrino, F., Coupé, C. & Marsico, E., 2014, "La complexité des langues du monde", 82, Dossier Pour la Science, pp. 66-71 (site)

Movie or radio

Oh, Y., 2020, "¿Qué idioma es más rápido?", Mundo Ciencia, Radio France Internationale (RFI), 20min

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