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Since October 2016: Post-Doctoral researcher in Tobias Heed's group.
Biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience - Bielefeld University, Germany.

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Oct 2013/Dec 2016: Doctoral position in Neuroscience (in progress). Doctorate School: Neuroscience and Cognition - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

"Body representations in action: development and plasticity in the sensory guidance of prehension."
Under the supervision of Alice Catherine Roy and Christina Schmitz.


2011/2013 : Master Degree in Integrative Biology Physiology and Neuroscience, Specialty: Neuroscience - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

"Feedforward motor control in typical and autistic kids: preliminary results via kinematic measures."
Under the supervision of Alice Catherine Roy.




Motor control

  • Action representation
  • Body schema
  • Body image


Body and space representations, plasticity


Typical and atypical development



Chapters in books

Martel, M., Cardinali, L., Roy, A. & Farnè, A., 2017, "Tool use unravels body morphology representation in the brain", in The subject’s matter, de Vignemont, F. & Alsmith, A. (eds), MIT Press


Martel, M., Boulenger, V., Koun, E., Finos, L., Farnè, A. & Roy, A., 2022, "Body representation plasticity is altered in Developmental Coordination Disorder", Neuropsychologia, 166 (online article)


Martel, M., Boulenger, V., Koun, E., Finos, L., Farnè, A. & Roy, A., 2021, "Body representation plasticity is altered in Developmental Coordination Disorder", bioRxiv, https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.16.456453v1 (bioRxiv)


Martel, M., Finos, L., Koun, E., Farnè*, A. & Roy, A., 2021, "The long developmental trajectory of body representation plasticity following tool use.", Scientific Reports, 11:559


Martel, M., Fourneret, P., Finos, L., Schmitz, C. & Roy, A., 2020, "Highs and lows in motor control development ", Journal of Motor Behavior, 52:4, pp. 404-417


Boulenger, V., Martel, M., Bouvet, C., Finos, L., Krzonowski, J., Farnè, A. & Roy, A., 2020, "Feeling better: tactile verbs speed up tactile detection", Brain and Cognition, 142:105582 (online article)

Conference presentations

Martel, M., Fourneret, P., Finos, L., Vernet, M., Thiollier, M.C., Schmitz, C. & Roy, A., 2015, "DCD: a failure to control the unexpected", 11th International Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD11), Toulouse, 2-4 Juillet 2015 (poster)


Frouin, C., Marcastel, A. & Martel, M., 2015, "Brain's Anatomy", Nuit des Chercheurs, Lyon, 2015 (poster)


Boulenger, V., Frouin, C., Krzonowski, J., Bedoin, N., Guiraud, H., Ailhaud, E. & Martel, M., 2014, "Atelier Langage et cerveau: Comment ça marche?", Semaine du Cerveau, Médiathèque du Bachut, Lyon, France, 12 mars 2014 (poster)


Martel, M., Cardinali, L., Jouffrais, C., Finos, L., Farnè, A. & Roy, A., 2014, "Proprioception alone drives Body Schema plasticity", Cognitive Neuroscience Society 21, Boston, MA, United States, April 5-8, 2014 (poster)  (PosterCNS_2014)


Martel, M., Sonié, S., Pirat, E., Kassaï-Koupai, B., Schmitz, C. & Roy, A., 2014, "I know it's heavy but I can't make anything of it before I feel It", Annual Meeting of the International Society for Autism Research, Atlanta, GA, United States, May 14-17, 2014 (poster)  (PosterIMFAR_2014)

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