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Géraldine WALTHER


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  Publicações e comunicações principais


Capítulos em livros

Walther, G., 2017, "Paradigm realisation and the lexicon", in Morphological paradigms and functions, Kiefer, F., Blevins, J. & Bartos, H. (eds), Leiden, Netherlands, Brill


Walther, G. & Sagot, B., 2014, "Problèmes d’intégration morphologique d’emprunts d’origine anglaise en français", in Penser le lexique-grammaire, perspectives actuelles, Kakoyianni-Doa, F. (ed), Paris, Honoré Champion, pp. 381-395

Communicações publicadas em atas

Sagot, B. & Walther, G., 2013, "Implementing a formal model of inflectional morphology. Communications in Computer and Information Science series, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany, p. 115–134. ", proc. of SFCM 2013 (Systems and Frameworks in Computational Morphology), Berlin, 6 septembre, Springer , pp. 115-134, Communications in Computer and Information Science series


Walther, G. & Sagot, B., 2011, "Problèmes d’intégration morphologique d’emprunts d’origine anglaise en français", proc. of 30th International Conference on Lexis and Grammar, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 5-8, 2011, Kakoyianni-Doa, F. (ed), Honoré Champion, pp. xxx

Conferências para as quais foi convidado(a) num colóquio

Walther, G., 2016, "Comments on “Implicational Morphology”", proc. of AnaMorphoSys , Lyon, June 18-21


Walther, G., 2015, "Morphomes and the effect of contrasts: Discriminative structure in Kiranti verbal inflection", proc. of Workshop Évaluation quantitative de la complexité des systèmes flexionnels - EFL LabEx, Paris, October 13

Outras conferências

Walther, G., 2017, "Form contrasts and cognition: a discriminative perspective", LSA Summer Institute workshop on Morphological Typology and Linguistic Cognition, University of Kentucky, July 22-23


Gildea, S. & Walther, G., 2015, "Information load determines optionality in Cariban", System Typology session - 11th Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT11), Albuquerque, August 1-3


Walther, G., 2015, "Emerging contrastive morphological units within Kiranti inflectional paradigms", DTT Seminar , Lyon, March 4


Spike, S. & Walther, G., 2015, "Syntactic reanalysis, information load, and phonetic reduction in Akawaio (Cariban)Syntactic reanalysis, information load, and phonetic reduction in Akawaio (Cariban)", DTT Seminar, Lyon, June 5


Walther, G., Antonov, A. & Jacques, G., 2014, "Defining direct/inverse systems: a canonical approach", 6th International Morphology Meeting, Budapest, Hungary, May 29-31, 2014


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